Ambidextrous Tablet Counter (Generic Mfg)
A handy item to have in the nurse's office for counting pills. Pills can be counted by a left-handed or right-handed person. Includes a spatula and is made of a durable ployethylene.
Cotton Products (Generic Mfg)
National Health offers a wide variety of cotton products. If you don't see what you need listed here, give us a call and we will assist you in locating the correct product!
Cotton Tipped Applicators  (Generic Mfg)
Smooth, soft, surface-free finish cotton tip on wood applicator.
Glass Sundry Jars  (Generic Mfg)
Fine quality clear flint glass with stainless steel overlapping covers. Each jar is permanently imprinted blue. Set includes 5 jars and covers.
Glass Utility Jars (Generic Mfg)
Flint glass utility jars are unlabled and come in an assortment of sizes. Comes complete with stainless steel overlapping covers.
Medication Dispenser Tray 14" x 16" (Generic Mfg)
Tray is used to hold medication in up to 20 cups for dispensing. Tray is constructed of high impact polystyrene plastic with molded legs for added security.
Medicine Cards  (Generic Mfg)
Easy-to-use heavy duty index card stock imprinted with spaces for required patient dispensing information. Size 1 1/2" x 1 3/4".
Pediculosis Sticks (Generic Mfg)
Ideal diagnostic tool to screen for lice. Disposable wooden sticks (5 3/4") seperate hair strands for easily accurate examinations. More efficient than tongue depressors, popsicle sticks, cotton swabs, and more sanitary than fingers.
Pill Crusher (Generic Mfg)
Pill crusher can be used to pulverzie pills for easier oral administration. Simply unscrew the top of the pill crusher and place the pill inside. Gently screw the top back on and twist around to crush the pill.
Pill Cutter (Generic Mfg)
Pill cutter can be used to safely split a pill in half. Simply lift the top of the cutter, place the pill inside with scored area aligned with the blade and lower the top to split the pill.
Pill Envelopes 1000/Box (Generic Mfg)
Pill envelopes are used to dispense small quantities of medications and have illustrations specific to each patient so you can write in information such as name, physician, diractions and date.
Plastic Sundry Jar Set of 5 (Generic Mfg)
Plastic jars solve the problem of broken glass, look modern and cost much less. These polystyrene jars are permanently hot-stamped in blue, lids are overlapping and crystal clear for easy viewing of contents. Each jar is 6 1/2" high, 4 4/8" diameter.
Tongue Blades  (Generic Mfg)
Tongue blades are made of the finest fum quality wood with a smooth finish. An excellent choice for a variety of uses.