Acetaminophen & Aspirin (Generic Mfg)
Aleve, Motrin (Generic Mfg)
National Health offers a wide assortment of non-steroidal anti-inflammoatory medications (NSAIDS) for your pain relief needs. Other packaging is available on request.
Anacin, Bayer & Bufferin (Generic Mfg)
National Health carries a wide assortment of pain relief medications, or analgesics. If you don't see the product you want, please give us a call so we can locate if for you.
Antacids (Generic Mfg)
Excedrin  (Generic Mfg)
Gelusil & Gaviscon  (Generic Mfg)
Ibuprofen  (Generic Mfg)
Imodium & Kaopectate (Generic Mfg)
Maalox & Pepto Bismol (Generic Mfg)
Midol Menstrual Relief Maximum Strength Tablets 24/Box (Generic Mfg)
Milk Of Magnesia  (Generic Mfg)
Motion Sickness Relief (Generic Mfg)
Nausea Relief & Emetics (Generic Mfg)
Rolaids & Tums (Generic Mfg)
Tylenol  (Generic Mfg)