Anti Fungals & Foot Care (Generic Mfg)
Bausch & Lomb Eye Care Products (Generic Mfg)
Cuticle Scissors and Nippers (Generic Mfg)
Ear Basin (Generic Mfg)
This one-piece seamless, white plastic ear basin is lightweight and can conform to any ear size. Easy to use, convenient to have.
Ear Care Products (Generic Mfg)
Ear Syringe (Generic Mfg)
Chrome ear syringe features large, easy to grasp finger holes for improved performance. Ear syringe comes complete with two tips for different uses.
Emery Boards  (Generic Mfg)
An excellent accompaniment to any of the manicure implements pictured here. Emery boards are rough on both sides to provide maximum usage.
Eye Cups (Generic Mfg)
Eye cups come individually wrapped sterile, or loose as non-sterile. Cups are made of polyethylene, comfortable and convenient. Contoured to shape to the human eye.
Eye Protection and Accessories (Generic Mfg)
National Health gives you added items to protect the eyes of those you care for with another selection of quality products.
Eye Wash Bottle (Generic Mfg)
Fast effective relief for immediate emergency flushing. The easy-to-squeeze bottle has an eyecup with a captive snap-on cap. The eyecup has a perforated plate to break up the stream, providing a gentle spray to the eye. A capped air vent valve prevents drawback of used eyewash into the bottle. Used eye wash exits through a drain tube. DOES NOT COME WITH SOLUTION.
Eye Wash Stations (Generic Mfg)
Eye wash stations with quick-pour bottles deliver 16 to 32 ounces of sterile, isotonic, liquid relief in seconds. Bottles are dated for freshness and refills are available.
Eye Washes, Salines, & Drops (Generic Mfg)
The following list of eye caer products is a sample of the most popular selling items that we offer. If you need a product other than what you see here, let us know and we will locate it for you.
Eyeglass Repair Kit (Generic Mfg)
Manicure Sticks  (Generic Mfg)
National Health offers a selection of manicure and nail products for you to have on hand should a need arise to uses them.. Convenient packaging so you don't have to overbuy. An excellent accompaniment to any of the manicure implements pictured here. Manicured sticks are beveled at both ends to provide maximum usage.
Micatin, Tinactin, & Tolnaftate Products (Generic Mfg)
Nail Cutters (Generic Mfg)
Thera Tears 32/box (Generic Mfg)
Lubricating Eye Drops a preservative-free singel use container designed to saturate dry eyes. Provides the ideal dosage for dry, strianed and tired eyes. Each box contains 32 individual unit doses.