Ben Gay Products (Generic Mfg)
Biofreeze  (Generic Mfg)
Biofreeze with Ilex, pain-relieving gel, is an herbal extract which helps provide a deeper, longer lasting pain relief that most other conventional gels. The cooling effect avvelerates the rate of basic healing process though relaxation of stiff and aching muscles. Relieves pain due to arthritis, muscle strains, and backaches. Biofreeze is greaseless, stainless and has no lingering scents.
Flexall 454 (Generic Mfg)
Flexall offers fast, soothing pain relief for chornic conditions, such as muscle aches and joint tenderness. Helps to intensify soft tissue massage and calm pain between TENS therapies. Now known as the most acclaimed pain relief product for athletes for years.
Icy Hot  (Generic Mfg)
Icy Hot begins to work to bring fast relief of pain on contact. Product goes on ICY to dull the pain first, and then activates to become HOT to relax the pain. It is ideal for fast pain relief from sore muscles, backache, muscle cramps and arthritis.
Mineral Ice . (Generic Mfg)
For temporary relief of minor muscle, joint aches, sprains and bruises, strains, backaches and arthritis in a therapeutic pain relieving gel.
Mission Theragesic  (Generic Mfg)
Mission Theragesic is an excellent choice for treatment of arthritus , bursitis, tendonitis or muscle pain. Simply rub the product in for relief.
Ointments (Generic Mfg)
Petroleums, Vaselines & Lubricants (Generic Mfg)
Topical Anesthetics (Generic Mfg)
Vicks VapoRub  (Generic Mfg)
Relieves nasal congestion and coughing due to colds as well as aches and pains.