3M Coban  (Generic Mfg)
Coban elastic bandage gives excellent support in all applications with comfortable pressure. It sticks to itself, no clips or ties needed to keep it in place, and it won’t slip or loosen after application. Available in 3 sizes, each roll is 5 yds. long.
3M Nexcare Opticlude Orthoptic Patch  (Generic Mfg)
Ideal for treating Strabismus (lazy eye) and for use on tender skin, these orthoptic eye patches are comfortable to wear with a highly breathable backing and an absorbent nonstick pad. Extra gentle with hypoallergenic adhesive, these doctor recommended patches stick well, yet remove easy.
Combine Pads (Generic Mfg)
Combine pads are constructed with highly absorbent cotton and cellulose inner layers, enclosed in a unique fabric facing, to provide for maximum absorbency of wound exudate and to help transfer drainage up and away from wound site.
Conform Gauze  (Generic Mfg)
Our conform gauze provides unique construction without constriction and readily conforms to difficult body contours. Conform gauze clings to itself making it a faster, neater bandage. Will stretch up to 4.1 yards and is available in sterile and non sterile.
Elastic Bandages  (Generic Mfg)
Great bandage to have when first aid needs arise due to strains and sprains. The unique construction of this bandage provides consistent stretch and compression when applied properly. Each bandage is individually poly wrapped and comes with 2 clips.
Gauze Pads  (Generic Mfg)
An excellent choice for those who want to combine superior quality with assured economy. These gauze sponges can be used for a wide variety of dressing, cleaning and prepping procedures. Available in wide range of standard sizes and plys, these cotton filled sponges provide maximum absorption.
Hartmann-Conco Deluxe LF and "480" LF (Generic Mfg)
Woven from the finest cotton yarn, the Deluxe LF and “480” LF provide superior compression and support. Specially designed latex free yarns give the bandage superior strength and elasticity. Durable and long lasting Deluxe LF and “480” LF withstand numerous washings, and resists deterioration from various ointments and medications.
Hartmann-Conco Eze-Band LF Bandage w/ self closure (Generic Mfg)
EZe-Band LF’s revolutionary knitted construction offers superior absorbency, breathability and durability. Featuring a front closure that anchors the bandage on the first wrap quickly, while its end closure conveniently secures the bandage at any given point without pins, clip or tape. A great choice for school nurses who value safety and performance.
Hartmann-Conco Flexicon Elastic Gauze  (Generic Mfg)
Self-adhering brand name gauze conforms to any body contour. Quality cotton and polymer yarn construction is strong and durable yet soft and comfortable. Provides for light compression.
Hartmann-Conco Medi-Rip (Generic Mfg)
Featuring non-slip support, Medi-Rip adheres only to itself – not to your skin or hair. With Medi-Rip, there’s no need to use clips or tape and no scissors are required; just simply tear to the length you require. Available in 3 sizes.
Hartmann-Conco Shur-Band Self Closing Elastic Bandage (Generic Mfg)
These brand name, latex free support and compression bandages are knitted with high-quality yarns to provide superior performance. Quick and easy to apply, these self-closing wraps secure objects without clips, pins or tape.
Kendall Kerlix Bandage Rolls  (Generic Mfg)
Excellent bandage for primary or secondary dressings. Constructed of 100% woven gauze with crinkle weave pattern to add bulk and cushion while protecting wound areas. Available in two convenient sizes, 6-ply, individually
Non Stick Pads (Generic Mfg)
Our non-adherent pads offer effective protection of cuts, scrapes, burns and it won’t stick to the wound! The cushioned pad lets air in to speed healing and can be easily removed when changing. Pads are highly absorbent and provide for better comfort.