3M Durapore Cloth Tape (Generic Mfg)
A "silk-like" tape with a latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive that offers high strength and adhesion. conformable and versatile, features a bi-directional tear for easy tailoring.
3M Micropore Tape (Generic Mfg)
Lightweight, hypoallergenic, excellent porosity, holds fast even when wet.
3M Transpore Tape  (Generic Mfg)
Clear, hypo- allergenic, perforated for easy tearing. Conforms and stretches to accommodate body movement.
Adhesive Tape Remover (Generic Mfg)
Aids in the removal of adhesive products to leave skin free of tape residue. Adhesive removers are non-irritating and reduce skin discomfort from adhesive residue.
Dressing Tray (Generic Mfg)
1 each Polylined Sterile Towel
1 each Abdominal Pad
1 each Safety Pin
1 each Iodophor PVP Swabstick(triples)
4 each 4" x 4" Gauze Sponges
1 each Sharp/Blunt Scissors
1 each Polybag with Twist Tie
1 each Roll Medical Tape
1 each Transfer Forceps
1 each Posi-Grip Plastic Forceps
1 each Tray
Eye Pads Sterile 50/Box (Generic Mfg)
Our eye pads offer value and quality to the professional. Great for protection of eyes after minor injuries.
First Aid Sprays (Generic Mfg)
J&J Zonas Tape  (Generic Mfg)
Zonas tape is strong and yet easy to tear with yoru fingers. The porous adhesive coating allows perspiration to escape from the skin. Each roll is 100% cotton which allows for flexibility and comfort during your taping needs. An ideal athletic tape!
Kendall Curasilk Tape  (Generic Mfg)
A strong, porous hypoallergenic adhesive tape which conforms and sticks securely. Ideal for general bandaging purposes. Curasilk tears easily by hand and pinked edges eliminate thread unraveling. Its adhesive releases easily, leaves little or no residue on the skin and virtually eliminates skin irritation.
Kendall Tenderskin Tape (Generic Mfg)
LIghtweight, hypo-allergenic paper tape. Ideal for skin sensitive patients or when frequent re-taping is necessary. Strong and tangle free, easy to tear, natural proosity allows skin to breathe, reducing moisture irritation.
NH Adhesive Transparent Tape (Generic Mfg)
Introducing a new economical line of hypo-allergenic tape, equivalent to the leading national brands at an extrodinary price.
NH Waterproof Spool Tape (Generic Mfg)
National Health provides you with a heavy cloth tape that is waterproof for moisture resistance yet durable for maximum support. Available in a variety of sizes and lengths.
Smith & Nephew Dermal Wound Cleanser  (Generic Mfg)
DERMAL WOUND SKIN/WOUND CLEANSER is an over-the-counter, non-toxic, non-irritating, no-rinse, first-aid antiseptic product. Features & Benefits Effective First-Aid Antiseptic Dermal wound contains the active antimicrobial ingredient Benzethonium Chloride to help prevent bacterial contamination in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Gentle to Skin Dermal wound contains Polysorbate 20, a gentle yet effective surfactant that makes cleansing of the skin and wound quick and easy. Easy to Use Dermal wound is available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. adjustable nozzle trigger-spray bottles that allow the caregiver to gently dislodge wound debris and slough with a direct stream or irrigate the wound with the use of a fine mist spray.
Spenco 2nd Skin Products (Generic Mfg)
2nd Skin products offer a non-sterile, hydorgel dressing to help comfort by bringing cooling and soothing the skin on contact. Composed of mostly water, this product is great for blisters, cuts, scrapes or any condition that warrants limiting friction.
Wound Wash Saline 7 oz. Spray (Generic Mfg)
Non-prescription sterile saline solution for the flushing and cleansing of superficial wounds. Excellent choice in treatment of wounds needing foreign bodies removed or debridement spray, guarantees sterility.