Ammonia Inhalant  (Generic Mfg)
To revive patient from fainting or shock, used as smelling salts. Comes in crushable ampules or new convenient foilpac pad.
Bite Stick (Generic Mfg)
Depresses tongue and provides airway for seizure patients. One piece is packaging in a sanitary bag, non-toxic, unbreakable.
Burn Sheet (Generic Mfg)
Designed for use when large areas of the body are burned. The sterilized sheers are individually packaged and sealed.
Disposable Obstetrical Kit Polybag (Generic Mfg)
Everything you need for normal delivery all in one convenitent package. Kit includes: pair of gloves, scalpel, OB pad, plastic underpad, bulb syringe, umbilical clamp, plastic apron, plastic bag with twistie tie for placeta, 2 cleansing towelettes.
Emergency Blanket 56" x 90" (Generic Mfg)
Yellow disposable, soft and absorbent on one side, water and windproof on the other. Provides more warmth than a typical wool blanket.
EMT Toothsaver (Generic Mfg)
EMT Toothsaver helps protect a knocked-out tooth from cell damage and dehydration. By suspending it in a pH-balanced cell culture fluid a tooth can be safely stored up to 24 hours until replantation. This allows other more serious injuries to be treated first and expands the window of time to perform the preferred option- saving the patient's natural tooth.
EpiPen  (Generic Mfg)
The Epi-Pen is a disposable drug delivery system featuring spring activation and a concealed needle. Designed for administration of epinepherine in acute allerigic emergencies (anaphylaxis). Provides a rapid, convenient dose of epinephine for individuals needing protection from petentially fatal allergic reactions.THIS ITEM IS REGULATED BY THE FDA AND CAN ONLY BE DISPENSED ON ORDER OF A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL This is an RX item and requires the written order of a licensed physcian in order to be dispensed. The RX may be faxed to (800) 296-8922 after your order is placed. Please call customer service for assistance at (800) 296-0977.
Glucose Tablets  (Generic Mfg)
Each tablet contains 4 grams fo fast acting carbohydrates- no unpleasant chalky residue or after taste. Does no contain fat, sodium or caffeine.
Insect Sting Kit (Generic Mfg)
Provides immediate emergency treatment of insect bites and stings. Kit contains; Suction Pump with large and small adapter, 3- insect sting wipes, 2- PVP wipes, 2- 1"x3" Bandages, 1- Anitspetic wipe.
Instant Glucose (Generic Mfg)
Easy to use and easy to swallow, instant glucose provides rapidly absorbed gel to combat low blood sugar emergencies. More readily absorbed than candy and contains 24 grams of carbohydrates. Starts instantly!
Multi Trauma Dressing 10" x 30" (Generic Mfg)
A sterile dressing to quickly absorb, disperse and hold exudate. The extra large dressing is adequate for a wide range of applications.
Rescue Blanket (Generic Mfg)
Designed to retain body heat of victims in shock. Windproof, weatherproof, and warm. Blanket remains flexible at temperatures as low as 60 degrees below zero.
Ring Cutter (Generic Mfg)
An essential emergency tool that quickly removes rings from fingers. Features a chrome handle, large thumb screw to operate a razor sharp serrated saw, and a safety lever that slides protective plate between fingers and ring.
Save-A-Tooth® Emergency Tooth Preserving System (Generic Mfg)
By using a Save-A-Tooth® Emergency Tooth Preserving System, knocked-out teeth can almost always be successfully replanted and retained. Time is the critical factor. A knocked-out tooth placed quickly into the Save-A-Tooth system has the best chance of being saved.

Save-A-Tooth® is the only low cost scientifically tested emergency first aid device that can protect and preserve knocked-out teeth for 24 hours. Keep Save-A-Tooth® systems at home, in the car, and wherever sports are played. The cost of replacing one knocked out tooth can range from $3,000 to $30,000. At just $14.95 – Save-A-Tooth is the best insurance to save your family's natural smiles!
Sharps Shuttle, 6.5"x1" (Generic Mfg)
A convenient sharps container that holds small syringes and lancets with a temporary locking mechanism that can be permanently locked when full or ready to dispose. Great for Epipens!
Shroud Kit (Generic Mfg)
Designed to simplify handling of deceased. Insures proper and positive identification-ready for instant use. Contents include: 1- chin strap, 2- cellulose pads, 2- 60" ties, 3-36" ties, 3- ID tags, 1- plastic shroud sheet.
Splinter Out Sterile 20/Pack (Generic Mfg)
Sharp, tei-bevel design for loosening and pulling put splinters and is guaranteed sterile. Individually wrapped with full instructions on back of each card. Great for home, office, school, first aid kits and more.
Tick Removal Kit (Generic Mfg)
Immediate tick removal helps prevent Lyme Disease. Kit Contains: Precision Tweezer, Magnifying Lens, Antispetic Towelettes, Tick Storage Bag and complete instructions.
Tourniquets (Generic Mfg)
The most convenient and effective way to achieve controlled vessel constriction. Gum rubber tourniquet with Velcro type contact closure applies easily and instantly for perfect venous or arterial constriction. Adjustc to any tension desired for clinical or first aid use. CONTAINS LATEX.
Triangular Bandage (Generic Mfg)
Excellent for making sling and swathes or for a variety of other emergency uses. Triangular bandage is a bleached muslin measuring 40" x 40" x 56", includes two safety pins and are individually packaged.