Braun ThermoScan Ear Pro 4000 Thermometer (Generic Mfg)
The sleek new Pro 4000 is lightweight, simple-to-use and accurate- and arguably the best value thermometer on the market today. Highlights of this cutting-edge product include:
- ExacTemp technology provides an active user feedback light, guiding proper probe positioning.
- Pre-heated probe tip minimizes cool down effect experienced when taking repeat temperatures.
- Probe cover detection system improves accuracy be ensuring precise infrared heat transfer.
- Probe cover automatic eject button makes for quick and easy removal of probe covers.
- Innovative security feature reduces the occurrence of theft.
Digital Thermometer (Generic Mfg)
Our Digital Thermometer offers visual and audio signals when measurement is complete. A special beeper sounds when peak temperature has been recorded on the display. The fast, 60 second readout, in bold LCD numerals, is easy-to-read with clinically accepted accuracy of +/- 0.2 F.
EZ-Cleanz Mercury Spill Kits Polybag (Generic Mfg)
A convenient, effective and inexpensive way to clean up mercury spills in any environment. Great to have on hand when mercury thermometers are being used. Kit contains high-risk gloves, safety shield, 2oz. green-Z pouch, pick up scoop and scraper, 4oz. absorbent activator bottle, wiper towel, Ziplock disposable bag, disposable bag with closure, identification label and instructions.
Forehead Thermometer Monitor Reliable replace back of hand Alerts to possible fever Easy to Read Fast, Latex Free Temperature Range: 94-105°F (34.5-40.5°C) Accurate to ±1ºF (±0.6ºC) Mercury Free-No Glass Reusable Application Data: Peel temperature-indicating label from backing paper. Apply to forehead. Read temperature after colors stop changing. Green is correct reading. If green is not visible, subtract 1º from highest lit event. LATEX FREE!!
Filac F-1010 Probe Covers  (Generic Mfg)
Disposable probe covers are available for the F-1010 model of FILAC thermometers. Please check your model number on the thermometer when ordering to obtain the correct probe covers.
FILAC FasTemp Thermometer (Generic Mfg)
Taking a temperature demands speed and accuracy. With the new FILAC FasTemp thermometer, you no longer have to choose. The "Fast System" technology allows the FasTemp to "think" on the job like no other thermometer can. The FILAC FasTemp thermometer takes into account the patients physiological conditions and will not report a temperature until it complies with certain standards. Accurate measurements times are as fast as 4- seconds for oral and 10- seconds for axillare and rectal readings.
Filac Thermometers (Generic Mfg)
FILAC 3000 Electronic Thermometer offers best in class accuracy and speed. Multiple thermometer formats address the need for accurate and fast readings in under 4 seconds. Compact, robust design stand upright on flat surfaces and rubber side grips make it easy to hold. LCD display is easy to read. PRODUCTSPECIFICATIONS Accuracy · Quick Mode ±0.3C (±0.6F) · Standard Mode ±0.1C (±0.2F) · Direct Mode ±0.1 C (±0.2F) Measurement Response Time · Quick Mode: <4 sec Oral, <15 sec Axillary/Rectal · Standard Mode: <10 sec Oral; <15 sec Axillary/Rectal · Direct Mode: <60 sec Oral, Axillary, Rectal · Cold Mode: <15 sec Oral; <20 sec Axillary/Rectal Ambient Operating Range · 10C - 40C (50F – 104F) at 10°/0 - 95% RH Temperature Range · 30.0C - 43.0C (86.0F – 109F) Storage Temperature Range · -25C - 55C (-13F – 131F) at 95%RH (non-condensing) Battery Life · 6000 measurements on 4 'AA' Alkaline 1.5V batteries Anti-Theft System (AD Only) · Electronic system (return to base message) · Mountable base with key lock · Mobile rolling stand base with key lock Standards · UL60601-1 Compliant · CAN/CSA C22.2No601.1 Compliant · EN 12470-3 (In standard predict mode) · ASTM 1112 (In standard predict mode)
Geratherm Mercury Free Oral Thermometers (Generic Mfg)
Geratherm- the first clinical thermometer that functions like a mercury thermometer, without harmful mercury. The Geratherm contains a unique, non-toxic liquid, completely safe for humans and the environment. MagnaTherm version has a magnified plastic case for easier thermometer interpretation.
SaniTherm Thermometer Sheaths (Generic Mfg)
SaniTherm glass thermometer sheaths are sterile to protect from contamination. Thermometer can be easily covered for each individual temperature reading.
Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs  (Generic Mfg)
Taking vital signs are easier with the Welch Allyn Spot Check Device. It's the first ever automated monitor with multiple parameters and outstanding accuracy. Works quickly and easily to give you the information you need at your fingertips. The Spot Check device is lightweight and easily transportable weighign just less than 4 pounds. Standard features include non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, as well as pulse rates and mean arterial pressures. Optional features include temperatures (oral, rectal, or axillary), pulse oximetry and an external printer. Unit is easy to learn and simple to use.
Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 690  (Generic Mfg)
The newest SureTemp Thermometer is here with additional features to boot! Same 4-second oral, 10-second pediatric axillary temperatures, 10- second rectal and 15- second adult axillary temperatures. This unit has a color-coded, interchangable and removable probe well to minimize the risk of corss-contamination. Rubberized grips make handling easy and a user-selectable icon or words identifies thermometer modes. The new SureTemp 690 also has a battery life indicator.
Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 692  (Generic Mfg)
Welch Allyn set out to improve the SureTemp Electronic Thermometers and developed this new model that combines incredible speed with accuracy. This new thermometer provides 4- second oral, 10- second pediatric axillary and rectal, and 15- second adult axillary temperatures. Other features include a wall mount securtiy system with ID location field and oral probe with oral probe well, monitor mode capability for measuring 3-5 minute temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius, last temperature recall capability, 60- second timer for pulse and respiration, waterproof, stainless steel probe shaft, convenient storage housing for 25 probe covers and a wall holder with choice of two electornic antitheft alarm systems and mechanical security.