ECG Caliper (Generic Mfg)
Designed with the user in mind, these chrome-plated calipers ensure quality and a large handle design allows the user to easily manipulate the instrument. Protective cover includes a molded ruler for easy reference.
Goniometers (Generic Mfg)
Mid Island Medical offers you a wide selection of goniometers to suit your needs.
Hammers & Pinwheels (Generic Mfg)
National Health offers a wide variety of insturments for clinical use. These hammers adn pinwheels test reflexes and are a must for every school nurse office!
Leatherman Type 10 Function Tool (Generic Mfg)
This 10 tool in 1 design is like having a tool kit on your belt. This is a compact multifunctioning tool that can be indispensible to the healthcare professional. Includes pliers, wire cutter, 2" knife blade, 3 flat head screw drives of varying sizes, can opener, 2" serrated blade, bottle opener, Phillips head screw driver. Tool folds to 4" and comes with a nylon sheath with webbed belt loop.
Magnifiers (Generic Mfg)
Responder Jr. Holster  (Generic Mfg)
This compact version of the Responder Holster has all the same features with one slide-in pocket in the back and 2 half-width pockets in front. Available in a vertical model (shown) or horizontal for a mor comfortable fit along the belt line.
The Responder Holster  (Generic Mfg)
Holster is made of super tough, durable nylon lined with cushioned foam and sewn with a heavy nylon thread for maximum usage. Features two deep slide-in pockets in the back with three more beneath a covered flap in front. Holster has a snap open belt loop that accomodates belts up to 2 1/2" wide.
Tuning Forks (Generic Mfg)
Non-rusting, non-tarnishing aluminum alloy tuning forks scientifically designed to meet medical requirements. Single frequency puretone will remain constant for many years.
Window Punch (Generic Mfg)
The only punch specially designed to shatter tempered auto window glass for extrication. Measures 5" in length with a 5/8" diameter and features a lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum barrel with a knurled finish for a positive grip.